How to Pray when you have no strength, hope or you’re overcome by sin.

Jesus said that in the Last Days the love of many will grow cold because lawlessness will abound. We are in that time. Every imaginable perversion is being celebrated as a virtue, lies have become the truth, people are in greater bondage to porn, drugs, greed, violence and yet gaping wounds of loneliness and hopelessness also flood the world stage.

When my children were in captivity I would feel the most soul piercing sorrow. It was the hardest pain I had ever experienced. Anyone who has been victim to a great injustice knows exactly what I am talking about. Anyone who has been brutalized by a crime or traumatic event knows about that feeling of death, sorrow, pain, hopelessness I speak about. It is the shattering of our delusions that there is justice and truth in a world given over to Satan.

When I was in bondage to drugs I felt the greatest sense of futility and hopelessness. I believed I would die in my sin. I believed I was cursed and would never be set free from the cycle of relapse and addiction to alcohol and opiates. I became dead in my heart and gave myself over to my insanity.

What this brother Monk says is so true. Christ IS risen from the dead. Cry out from that place of darkness, sorrow, death, suffering, pain and do not let go of that cry until you lay hold of Jesus Himself. Cry out until His light, love, and peace penetrate the darkness and lift us up from a place of death.

Never lose hope, never give up, never surrender to man or circumstances.

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